We are a proud dealer of Decorum Plants&Flowers! As of now, this brand is available in our web shop.

Decorum Plants & Flowers

For over nineteen years, Decorum Plants has been THE brand for plants, especially for the specialist dealer. The product range consists of green and flowering plants, both outdoors and indoors. The products can be purchased in more than forty countries worldwide. The youngest department of the brand is Decorum Flowers. By expanding the business with more and more quality growers of both flowers and plants, the product range becomes more and more complete. For nineteen years already, Decorum has had the same mission: offering products of absolute premium quality. The brand Decorum Plants&Flowers is recognisable, reliable and distinctive: both in quality and in product range. Each of the Decorum products is grown with true passion, which results in absolute premium quality! More than sixty selected growers call their premium quality Decorum.

Decorum is:

  • Day-fresh delivery
  • Continuous first-grade quality
  • Direct offering of the growers (customisation possible)
  • Exclusively purchasable at dealers
  • Plants and flowers as one brand